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The Who, What and Why of the Freddy Fingers Band.

Band Bio, in short, by Fred (Freddy Fingers) Koll

I have been asked this question before. There is no set answer as to why the stars aligned to form this quartet, but I will give you a rundown of the events that led up to it.

Kenna and I have been making beautiful music together for quite some time, but that's another story. Together, we have played in a few bands both here and in Florida, where we formed. We always enjoyed the acts we were with, and gave it our all. Or so we thought. While working with these bands, we were also beginning to start a collection of our own songs. We would play them at home, and on a few occasions where we were out and had a guitar and an audience, but nothing formal. It dawned on us that we truly enjoyed performing and writing our own material, and started to work on it more vigorously. The bands we were with at the time were focused on playing standard bar/club pop covers. We introduced some of our numbers into the mix, they were successful, but we quickly discovered that we needed a vehicle that was dedicated to this new format, not one where it was a second thought.

As time went on, we met a number of musicians - some very talented. None however were a good mix. They didn't hear the music the way Kenna and I heard it. There were frustrating times where she and I both decided to just be a duo. For a while we were. But the itch to play our songs in a group format, with interested and qualified musicians kept rearing its big needing to be scratched head.

So, the stars began to align once again.

I met Mary through a class I was holding on blues, and how to approach it from a lead standpoint. It was clear that she was ahead of the rest of the participants, and didn't really need to be in the class, but took it to further her experience as a musician - which she was. She was a working musician in a local band. Her personality and approach to the classes stuck in my mind. A few years go by, and it was one of those "I was walking in, she was walking out" type scenes. We chatted briefly, and something inside my head screamed to ask her about the project Kenna and I were trying to form. So I took a chance and did. It has worked out. Mary adds something to the act that no one did before. She is a multi-instrumentalist - which is what we needed. I wanted to play guitar on some songs and have a bass work with it. But on other songs, I wanted a guitar. Mary can change back and forth with ease. Plus she can sing! We immediately started to work out the songs Kenna and I had in storage with these different arrangements, and wa-lah! It worked! She has untied out hands musically, and allowed us to pursue the sounds that we were after. It wouldn't work without her. So Mary now has a chip implanted in her neck so that we know where she is at all times.

Zee. I met Zee through the Fredericksburg Blues Society. The first thing that struck me about him was that he is kind. Even if he was not the percussionist that he is, or the artist and designer that he is, I would still want to hang out with him. Even under stressful times at our open jams (and open mics can be stressful to those that run them), Zee was cool, calm and collected. We had some conversations about what Kenna and I were doing, and that we lucked out and found Mary. He offered to step in. Zee brings with him the ability to hear and do what is needed. Although he plays drums, he is not married to it. Some of the music requires a different form of percussion, and Zee usually knows what that is, and enjoys adding different instruments and sounds to reach that goal. I have met many good drummers that just want to drum. When you tell them the song doesn't need drums, but maybe a Cajon, or some congas, a wood block they say "that's not drumming", which I agree, and they are stuck. Not Zee. His approach is to give the music what it calls for, not what he wants to put in there. He has brought out things in our songs that Kenna and I never heard or thought of. And like Mary, it wouldn't be possible without him. So there you have it - the current lineup (and hopefully future lineup) of the Freddy Fingers Band. I look forward to expanding our list of original, hopefully eclectic and enjoyable sounds. We have not figured out exactly what the sound is, other than Finger Music. So, who says that things don't just happen?

Freddy Fingers